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I am somewhat new to Quicken. When adding all of my account I did not go back to the same date, like now I realize I should have. I am trying to go back and do that now, but I am getting issues. I tried importing the older transactions by going thru the settings on the account in Quicken. Sometimes quicken would lock up and I would have to force quit Quicken. Sometimes when I gave it a file to pull the transactions from it would not import any transactions when there should have been 6 months or more worth of transactions. Why is this happening? What do I do?



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    If you recently added an account to Quicken, the opening transaction date is probably more recent than the older transactions you are trying to import. That will prevent them from importing. Go into the account register and edit the date of the opening transaction to a date earlier than the transactions you are trying to import or pull in from a QFX file.

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    The banks controls how far transactions will download, but the vast majority don't provide downloads more than 90 days. So I would not expect six months to be downloaded.

    In some cases, you can go to the bank's website and download a Quicken file (QFX format) for dates further back and import that file into Quicken. Depends on the bank.

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