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For the last 2 years I have not had any problems downloading transactions for Synchrony Bank; however, since last Wednesday (9/20/2023) I get an error message (502) indicating no communication between servers due to maintanance of the Synchrony servers. I contacted "quick answers" about the problem and receive the answer that Synchrony and Quicken are not set up for downloading transactions. What happened? Is there a relationship, or not?


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    I had the same problem and contacted Synchrony Bank. Synchrony Bank no longer supports Quicken. Here is SB's response:

    We apologize for the difficulty you are experiencing and appreciate your
    comments. Our customer’s feedback is very important to us. Although we
    recognize the benefits of Quicken, we are no longer supporting the use
    of this application to view your Synchrony Bank account(s). We are
    listening to customer feedback concerning this option and appreciate
    that our customers would like to use these and other third party
    products to keep track of their finances. We apologize for any
    inconvenience this may cause. Customer Service Representative

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    I was wondering why Synchrony would not update (Error CC-502). I just checked the Announcements page under "Alerts, Online Banking & Known Product Issues." Based on Tom's comment above, it seems like Quicken does not even know that Synchrony no longer supports the use of Quicken. Eash!

  • I have several CD's at Synchrony and I called Synchrony when I read this. This was apparently a surprise to customer service as well. However, they eventually confirmed to me that they will only support a couple of the smaller accounting programs, and Not Quicken. I told them that pulling this stunt with no notice at all was the most mickey mouse banking I have ever seen, with apparently no notice to Quicken nor any depositors. And as a Diamond depositor, I will be moving all of my deposits out of Synchrony.

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    I called and spoke with a representative, who told me that Quicken downloads have not been supported for quite a while. I assured her that I had a successful download a week ago. She told me that I had last connected in April, 2023! I emphasized that that was not correct. After being placed on hold twice, she told me that Quicken was no longer supported, has been using an unsupported interface in the interim, and that I may continue attempting to download (apparently with some possibility of success) but at some point it might completely fail and lock Quicken out.

    I stated that there was no warning, that this was very disrespectful to their customers, that I and many other people relied on that interface to manage their finances, and that this would cause me to look elsewhere for the banking services I expect from Synchrony. I stated that I wanted a phone call from someone who could explain the status and, if a decision had actually been made to stop Quicken support, to explain why. I also demanded a formal statement in writing that this was a decision and policy of the Synchrony organization.

    I don't expect much as a result, but I definitely will begin looking elsewhere.

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    I use Synchrony for one savings account because of the better interest rate than I can get in most other places.

    So, far it is downloading fine, but if it stops, I will just update the account manually since about the only thing that happens in that account is the monthly interest payment.

    With the exception of a CostCo and Macy's credit cards, I use Chase for everything else.


    BTW I have had an account with them since 2015 for better interest, and ironically enough back then I had trouble downloading from them on a regular basis. It was bad enough that I updated manually for a while. It has been quite good in the last few years.

    If you seek another financial institution for the sake of better interest rates, be careful which you pick. I tried Salem Direct for a while but didn't like the games they were playing. They would advertise a great rate for new accounts, but when interest rates changed it didn't change for the old accounts, only new accounts. Some said that you could contact them every time this happened and get the rate changed, but for me it wasn't worth the small difference in interest rate between them and Synchrony that didn't play this game.

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    Boycotting Quicken will lose my business. Their interest rates are that much better than the other commercial banks. Very irritating.

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    I just wish "local" banks didn't pay so lousy interest rates, otherwise I would just do all my banking at Chase.

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  • I too had problems with updates to my Synchrony savings account around the same time (Sept 25th). I first tried resetting the online setup account. But that failed and eventually I ended up with a fully deactivated online setup. I had tried at least 2 or 3 times in the interim to setup the online connection which failed. But I just tried again now and it finally worked. So perhaps all the complaints have worked.

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    I can access my credit cards at Then if i click on the card "ending in", I can see the activity and can export it in Quicken format. Then I do a file import in Quicken.

    Not as easy as a one step, but it works.

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    the only way for me to update my Lowes, CareCredit, and Sams etc. Synchrony is to activity on the web and export activity into Quicken never have been able to update any other way!

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    "Store cards" have always been a pain. If they are supported at all it is usually only Express Web Connect.

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    My new Gardner White credit card, seems to be by Synchrony Bank. I am not able to connect my online account to Quicken program. The Synchrony support staff person said she had never heard of Quicken. And of course… was not their fault because Quicken is a third-party.

    These comment show (9/25/2023) tommoore saying that Synchrony Bank no longer accepts the use of Quicken. But I am curious as to WHY they are STILL on the list of institutions, when creating a new account on Quicken? Does Quicken not yet know… least a month later?

    Will Quicken have a purpose, as more and more companies and institutions not connect with their program???

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    These comment show (9/25/2023) tommoore saying that Synchrony Bank no longer accepts the use of Quicken. But I am curious as to WHY they are STILL on the list of institutions, when creating a new account on Quicken? Does Quicken not yet know… least a month later?

    I think this comment above answers your question:

    Put a different way, Express Web Connect is an agreement between Intuit (Quicken Inc's aggregator) and the financial institution to an "agreement" on how to download transaction data. That is for over 15,000 financial institutions. It is clear that Intuit doesn't monitor this that closely and proactively announce/fix things. At the most they must put it on the "to do list" which from the looks of it is long and understaffed. They also say the rely on the financial institution to tell them about changes that will break the system, but that doesn't seem to every happen. Once someone does get around to looking at a given failure you have the problem that if it is something on Intuit's side then they can fix it, but in this case where the financial institution is taking the stance that "If it works fine, if it doesn't don't talk to me" then that puts Intuit and therefore Quicken Inc in the tight bind of losing support for a given financial institution, which I'm sure the users would complain about just as much.

    Or in more simple terms create a complicated convoluted system with many companies involved and it is bound to be problematic.

    So, why hasn't this been fixed?

    I chock it up to "American freedom". The US government will not impose rules on the financial institution so that things like this are forced to be standardized. So, the financial institutions are left to do whatever they feel is in their best interest, and Quicken doesn't fall into that category. There isn't a financial institution out there that wants you to be able to easily switch between them and their competitors. The only reason I can see for them supporting this was that in the beginning they didn't have services, but they have built them up over time (websites/mobile apps) which is what more than 99.9% of their customers use. And maybe to pull a few things from the competitors sites to display on their, but to keep people happy (note my experience of that is it is even more unreliable than Quicken's Express Web Connect).

    There will be tries like Express Web Connect + where it is standardized, but this again will "fail" in the sense that it will not work with all financial institutions. Just like the fact that Direct Connect never got more than 4,500 financial institutions to support it out of more than 35,000+ at its peak.

    Contrast this with the EU that years ago mandated that their financial institutions support either of one or both of the current standards for this (one of them being OFX, which is basically what Quicken calls Direct Connect).

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