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I have recently converted from PC to Mac and migrated my Quicken subscription over. I HATE the Mac version and wonder if anyone knows how to make it more like the PC version as far as register appearance, adding new items to the register and the way downloads/regular future entries appear? I find it extremely non-user friendly and am frustrated every time I use it to the point that I want to return my Mac because of this one program. Adding entries into the register is now a chore which requires multiple tries to enter things correctly with all the fields. Is there ANY way to get the standard PC style register?


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    If you're locked into the look of the register from the past 30 years, the simple answer is no, there is not way to get the 2 lines of alternating fields in a register in Quicken Mac.

    However, you can show or hide any fields you want, put them in any order you want, made the columns as wide or narrow as you want. To me, it's a better and more flexible style, albeit one which is admittedly an initial jarring change, but ultimately something better instead of something worse.

    What problems are you encountering that make it "extremely user-unfriendly" and a "chore which requires multiple tries to enter things correctly"? If the multiple tries is simply because the layout and order of the fields is changed, then it's just a matter of allowing your eye-brain-hand coordination some time to get use to the new layout. If there's something else, please elaborate.

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