Check # does not display in register after downloading Verson 7.3.0

after auto downloading from bank, the check # column does not prefill, it's blank. Is there a setting that can be changed? this has been going on for several months. Please help b/c the check # field used to automatically prefill and wondering if this user did something my mistake


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    So just to be clear, when you write checks you don't enter the check in the register yourself, instead you wait for the check transaction to download from the bank, and when it does there is no check number. And this has been happening for months, and not just since you installed 7.3.0 yesterday. Is that correct?

    Also, which bank?

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    Just to clarify, your subject line says "Check # does not display in register after downloading Version 7.3.0" but your text says "this has been going on for several months." If it's been going on, and isn't related to the new 7.3 release, then the issue is specific to your financial institution.

    I once had my bank's check numbers not download for a period of months, and then it was suddenly fixed. You might want to share the name of the bank here, but ultimately I think you are going to have to contact Quicken Support to have them see what you're seeing and to write up a ticket to escalate this to their connectivity provider, Intuit, to verify that the financial institution is actually transmitting the check number, and if so, to get the check number field sent by your bank mapped properly into the Check # field in Quicken.

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