quicken price update for VTI changes previous days ending price to yesterdays price

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Since about September 20th Quicken has shown 0.00 gain for VTI. During update the closing price for the previous day has been changed to yesterday's closing price. I checked the daily price prior to update and it was fine. After update it had been changed.


  • Jim_Harman
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    VTI prices look OK to me.

    Go to Tools > Security List and click on the entry for VTI to display the Security Detail view.

    Click on More then Edit Price History.

    Are there entries for the past several days?

    Are the Prices all the same, or do they vary?

    Do the entries have High, Low, and Volume, or just Price values?

    If the entries have High, low, and Volume, they came from Quicken's quote provider. If not they came from elsewhere, probably your broker.

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