Anyone successfully using Quicken? I just spent hours getting one account imported correctly

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One of the worst applications I have used. Not intuitive, inaccurate data, duplicates, misnaming payees, you name it, this app has done it all. Looking for a solution where I can trust the data matches my external accounts. Not asking a lot here. Has anyone been able to work through all the hassles and find its a worthwhile tool? I can do better with a spreadsheet.


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    What Financial Institution? What specific problems.

    OR is this just a Drive-By Shooting?

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    is this just a Drive-By Shooting?

    IMHO, probably not. It sounds to me more like the results one gets when one tries to run Quicken on 100% Autopilot, like a certain automobile manufacturer's car. Runs good until the car comes to a lane split and can't make up its mind … do I go left or right … I'll go straight while I think about it … crash!

    If you look at the data that is downloaded from the banks, that's mostly incomprehensible stuff: bad payee names, no categories, no method to properly link transfers between accounts, etc. Like a garbage truck who dumped a load of stuff on the landfill.

    If you want good results when starting from scratch, as a new user, my recommendation would be to start with offline accounts. Manually record transactions from prior months using correct Payee Names and categorize everything correctly. Set up and use Scheduled Reminders for the recurring events like your monthly rent or mortgage, utilities bill, etc.
    Once you're done setting up everything to your liking you can try to activate your accounts, one bank at a time, for downloading. Configure Quicken to NOT automatically accept downloaded transactions.
    One downloaded transaction at a time, review what the bank downloaded and match it to the already existing register transaction. Quicken should learn from your actions, use entries from the Memorized Payee List and create Renaming Rules as needed. Next time a transaction is downloaded, the resulting register transaction should be much improved.

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