One Step Update Summary doesn't show all institutions

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I have one step update set to all accounts. They are all linked. The screen that pops up after I select one step update shows all of the accounts. After it finishes the summary doesn't reflect all of them only the same few every time even though it may have downloaded transactions and reflects that on the task side. Screen shots attached. I do not have only show if errors checked or only show this update checked. I have attached two summary update screenshots from two different days to show they are the only ones that show up. Didn't get a screenshot showing the institutions that actually updated. Sorry. Will get it next time.


  • Joseph Simanek
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    I am having same problem but I have box checked for "Show just the last update".

  • NotACPA
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    @mardis2003 I'd suggest contacting Q Support. I doubt that anyone here can help you.

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  • Rob
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    Having the same problem with Quicken Windows Subscription Business & Personal R52.33

    also, Wells Fargo shows as "Error", even though bills sent and transactions did update.

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