One Step Update can't seem to find AT&T

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I continue to get this message after running One Step Update: "137 of 138 quotes and investing headlines updated. See a report." I click on "See a report" and this message comes up: "No new quotes or investing headlines were downloaded for the securities below." The security in question is always AT&T, as you can see in the attachment. I have checked and unchecked boxes, deleted and re-added AT&T as an investment, etc., yet I continue to have this issue. Any clues?


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    The report has been known to display the wrong security. It especially likes to show single-letter tickers, such as T, F, C, etc. So it's possible that some other security is failing to download and AT&T is not involved.

    When I (very occasionally) get this message, I usually find some bond or CD is actually the culprit, i.e., something without a ticker symbol. One way to find the culprit is to sort the Security List by Type and see whether any security of an inappropriate type such as CD has the Download box checked.

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