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Printer settings match the system settings on Quicken Mac

Fred U
Fred U Member
edited October 11 in Printing

I have 2 HP ENVY 7855 printers. - one in Ohio and one in Florida. I activate printer where I am located as the Default printer. When I print something in Quicken, the software does not select the default printer. I have to select it manually each time. Does anyone have a solution to this problem or can the solution be worked into the next release of the software.

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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    If you go from Ohio to Florida, and you select the Florida printer the first time you print from Quicken in Florida, does it not remember to use the same printer the next time you print there? So is this an issue only the first time you print when you have changed locations? If so, the cure you're looking for might be worse than this rare inconvenience…

    I would guess that it's intentional that Quicken remembers the Last Printer Used rather than selecting the Default Printer every time you print. If someone uses an alternate printer for printing checks in Quicken, they would find it annoying to have to select that printer every time they print a check.

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