With the TDAmeritrade switch over to Schwab, by individual acc't balance is off.

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Can I manually correct it (simply change the number) without going through reconcile.

I'm using Q for windows deluxe in Windows 10.


  • Tom Young
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    Could you please re-word your title to clearly tell us the problem? I'm simply not understanding "by individual acc't balance is off."

    Also, what kind of account(s) are we talking about here? Investment, banking, etc.

    Generally you can make manual corrections of either individual transactions or, grossly, balances in an Account. The first way is best for accuracy, the second way can be quicker, frequently at the cost of accuracy. Which way do you want to go?

  • q_lurker
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    ”by” = “my”, maybe.

    What “number” are you looking to change?

    For an investment account, are you using Complete mode (all transactions recorded and shown) or Simple mode (only the individual security’s values)?

  • bmciance
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    Just be careful, with the switchover to Schwab there are entries which are simply moving money from TD to Schwab. These should be deleted if you keep the same account(s) in Quicken as they are not needed. They will throw off your balance if you accept them. You have to carefully go through the entries to see which are "real" entries and which are not needed. Once you do that the account should reconcile

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