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Hi. I see there's a new CUSIP field, but I'm having trouble finding where to enter it. It seems to be disabled or not an input field for any of my existing bonds. Any hints would be appreciated.


  • Tom Young
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    The CUSIP field associated with securities has always been present and is not open to users input. It's filled out by downloads from the broker. the CUSIP gets assigned by matching the online security as provided by your broker to a Quicken security.

    Where is this new field?

  • MishawakaKirk
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    Help — I have a similar issue, but different. The CUSIP field is grayed out.
    When I download (TDA > Schwab) it tells me I have a security mis-match. Two Bonds.
    The names are correct, but the CUSIP is wrong; therefore it isn't updating the price/ value correctly. How can I force / edit and change the CUSIP to the correct Bond ?

  • q_lurker
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    Edit the security details for the two bonds.

    Uncheck the “Matched with online security “ box

    With your next download, you should get the opportunity to make the correct match which will correct the CUSIP.

  • rreily
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    I found that you can enter the CUSIP/SYMBOL by changing the "type" to stock and entering the CUSIP and changing the "type" back to what it really is.

    BUT not sure if Quicken will track/update prices using anything the user can enter!

  • q_lurker
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    Quicken’s download of prices is purely dependent on Ticker Symbol, CUSIP not considered.

    Download of transactions, holdings, and prices from any financial institution (brokerage, etc.) is purely dependent on match being made between the broker’s version of the security and a security represented in your Quicken. That match is almost always predicated on the CUSIP designation as provided by the financial institution. That CUSIP field is not user controlled.

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