Anyone else having update issues?

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One Step Update for all accounts asks for my vault password. Without having done that, when I am in an account and Update for just that account it doesn't ask for my vault password. Is this the way it's supposed to be? Seems like it should always ask for the password when doing an update account.


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    It depends on the type of connection of the accounts in question.

    Direct Connect accounts have the login information for OSU/Update Now saved in the PW Vault on the hard drive. So it is necessary to enter the PW for the PW Vault the first time during a Quicken session that you do OSU, Update Now for a DC account, access OSU Settings or edit the PW Vault. Once that PW has been entered, then it should not need to be entered again during that Quicken session.

    But it is different for accounts that are set up with Express Web Connect or Express Web Connect+. The login information for EWC and EWC+ accounts is not saved in the PW Vault and is, therefore, not saved on the hard drive. That login information is instead saved on the aggregator's (Intuit's) servers. This is necessary because the aggregator normally connects with the financial institutions at night, downloads the transactions & online balances to their servers and saves the data there waiting for us to do OSU or Update Now. Since the login information is not saved in PW Vault, there is no need to enter the PW for PW Vault when doing Update Now.

    All of this is also the reason why when we need to update the PW for a DC account we can do that in PW Vault. But when we need to update the PW for an EWC or EWC+ account we need to deactivate the connection (which removes the old login information from the aggregator's servers) and then do Add Account or Setup Now with the new PW (which adds the new login information to the aggregator's servers).

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