Cannot use direct connect with etrade

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I did disconnect then add again for Etrade account. But quicken doesn’t allow to use direct connection option. As a result, no detailed transaction is download and only have balance which I’d useless


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    In Account Settings for your E*Trade account, which Investment Tracking option is selected - Simple or Detailed? If Detailed is not selected, try switching to that if you can.

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    quicken doesn’t allow to use direct connection option

    @Dawntse Quicken doesn't choose what connection options are available, the financial institution does. Have you reached out to E*trade to see if they do offer Direct Connect, or if not, if they will? If they choose not to support it, they're the ones inconveniencing their customers. My understanding is that Detailed Tracking for investments is also possible now for financial institutions which adopt the EWC+ connection method (still called Quicken Connect in Quicken Mac), but again, the financial institution needs to support it.

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