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Moving Quicken for Windows QDF data file to Quicken for Mac - lost 6 months of data (edit)

I am trying to move my Quicken Deluxe for Windows data file to my MacBook Pro running Quicken Deluxe for Mac. However, upon converting and opening the file on my Mac, I lose all of my transactions from the last 6 months. Everything else seems to be there, but not the last six months. I backed up the file prior to moving it, but I'm still losing the data. Any ideas on how to transfer all of the transactions?


  • csrowell10
    csrowell10 Member

    I was able to answer this question by contacting Quicken customer chat support. The solution was to export the data as a .qxf file and import that one instead of exporting the .qdf and converting it in Quicken for Mac.

  • Chris_QPW
    Chris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭

    Interesting. It sounds like maybe the "converter" in Quicken Mac is a bit dated. The "converter" is in fact a modified version of Quicken Windows that reads in the Quicken Windows QDF file, and puts out a QXF file for Quicken Mac to then read in.

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