What happened to ability to "jump to" a letter of the heading you're sorting the transactions by?

Teresa S
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For example, if I sort transactions by PAYEE I used to be able to press the letter "T" and it would jump right to the beginning of the PAYEEs that being with "T." What happened with this as it no longer works?


  • jacobs
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    @Teresa S I wasn't aware of this functionality I guess I don't have my transacitions sorted by Payee very often, and I use Search if I'm looking for a specific Payee.

    I'm curious when you say it used to work this way if you can recall when you remember it working this way. I have an old copy of Quicken 2015, the first version of modern Quicken Mac, and it doesn't work as you've described in that old version, either. So it appears it hasn't existed in Quicken Mac in the 9+ years that Quicken Mac has been around. Are you referring to the much older Quicken 2007? Or Quicken Windows?

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  • Teresa S
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    I don't remember when it stopped, but it has been a long time.

    I always sort by the different headings once in a while and review to ensure transactions are completed properly as some downloads i don't always catch their incorrect coding and/or other info (and then update rules). I do the current year date or whatever date I want, sometimes ALL, and then my eyes quickly can see the outliers needing correction. Yes, I do review the Payee list as well, but this way sorting by Payee allows me to see ALL the heading types at once. For instance, any Payee named Office Max should be coded to the category Office Supplies with no Tags and no Transfers filled in. My eyes quickly can see all headings/fields are/are not properly completed for this one Payee.

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