Two Capital One Credit Card Accounts

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Hello, My wife & I have each have our own Capital One Credit Card. Each with different login's at the Capital One site. In Quicken, it will only sync with 1 account at a time. When I try to sync with the other, Quicken asks me to sign on to Capital one via a link, I sign it. Capital One then asks me to confirm linking with quicken, I say yes, back in Quicken it then syncs to that account only and drops the other one. Any solution ? Thank You


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    First off, I don't use One Sep Update for my Capital One credit cards (I d/l the .qFX file manually), but I have set it up on the CapOne that both accounts (his and her) can bee seen and downloaded (.QFX file manual d/l) from the his account.

    I don't know if that will help in your case, but it is worth a try. If you try making the connection to both accounts using just one CapOne login, be sure to report with the results.

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