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I'm trying to get a report that has each check that is deposited and then show a category breakdown in columns. Example:

CK1 - Payee - Category 1 - Category 2 - Total Amount

Then at the bottom a total of the columns.

Currently I have to run 2 reports, 1 for category 1 and 1 for category 2.

If I run the report w/2 categories now, the numbers are stacked so there is no breakdown by category.



  • q_lurker
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    I don’t know what report you are running, but try to subtotal or group by Category.

  • Jim_Harman
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    You could use the Banking Transaction report subtotaled by Category or the Itemized Category report. Either of these will have a section for each Category, rather than a column.

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  • Bob_L
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    Try Banking, Cash Flow by tag. Then customize to show row by payee and colums as categories.

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