American Express accounts download is broken

Jay Berman
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Using windows Quicken premier version R52.28 Build 27..52.28. ever since the change in how American express connects with quicken I can only have one set of accounts work with one step update. I have three amex accounts and my wife has two. with separate log ins and passwords.

before the change both sets of accounts updated properly. since the change I can only update one of the other. I have deactivated and restarted numerous times without success.

the enter validate issue for transactions in brokerage accounts is also very annoying. on the other hand at lest the name and logo change went smoothly. .



  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    Apparently one reason for this sort of behavior is if there's an account (card) that both UserIDs and Passwords can access. Anything like that going on here?

    One thing that has been reported to work is to go into all the Quicken Accounts, deactivate the Accounts from downloading, delete the information in the "Financial Institution" and "Account Number" fields, then go to Preferences > Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts, click "Sign in as a different user", and sign back in. The try re-establishing downloading with each set of Accounts. It may, or may not, work for you.

    With downloading problems it's difficult to get reliable answers in here as there's so much of the process which is more or less a mystery to users, and that goes in spades for the EWC/EWC+ process. Too, there can be "local to your file" problems that add further complexity.

    If you don't have success with the above suggestion then this is one of those times when Official Quicken Support offers the best chance of getting things fixed.

  • Veggi77
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    Having the same issue with Chase. Worked just fine before the last update. Now going back and forth. Never had to go through all the extra steps to deactivate/reactivate between user id's prior to this update.

  • EricC
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    Thank you Tom Young. Your solution worked for me!!

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