One of my accounts keeps asking me to reauthenticate

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One of my Accounts keeps asking me to reauthenticate, each time I provide credentials to the bank and it tells me it's accepted this and Quicken reestablishes the connections to the accounts and does the download. But the next time I download the whole process repeats, does anyone know why that might be or how to debug this issue?


  • RalphC
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    I would start by, first, resetting the account. If that doesn't resolve the issue, try deactivating and reactivating.

  • Tom Young
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    What's the name of the bank? This might be an issue with the bank itself and, perhaps, other customers of that bank are having or have had a similar problem.

  • UKR
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    Do you have more than 1 account with this bank?
    If so, you should deactivate all accounts with this bank, including any Quicken account registers which are old, long closed and forgotten and are still activated for downloading.
    When done deactivating all accounts close and restart Quicken.
    Use the Tools / Add Account feature to (pretend to) add the accounts again.
    When, during this process, you get to the list of accounts found at the bank, for each account listed, click the Add / LINK button to link the existing account register to the bank account, making sure to click to select the desired register. If you don't do this correctly, Quicken will create a new account register (which, most likely, you do not want).

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