Is Password Vault Needed?

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All of the institutions in my password vault are marked Password "not needed". Why does Quicken keep asking me for the vault ID?


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    Those institutions that say PW is not needed have been set up with the Express Web Connect (EWC) or Express Web Connect+ (EWC+) connection methods. The login information for these types of accounts is saved on the aggregator's (Intuit's) servers, not in PW Vault.

    When you did Add Account or Set Up Now to set up those financial institutions you must have checked the box for Save to password vault. So, that is what Quicken did.

    But, no, you do not need to check that box for EWC and EWC+ connections. If they are not included in PW Vault and if you do not have any Direct Connect (DC) accounts set up, then when you do OSU you will not be prompted to enter your PW Vault password.

    Since you do not have any DC accounts included in PW Vault you can delete your PW Vault if you wish. Back up your data file first and then go to Tools > Password Vault > Delete Vault and all Saved Passwords > Yes. (Don't worry, since your EWC and EWC+ passwords are not really saved there, they will remain intact on the aggregator's servers.) The next time you do OSU you will not be prompted to enter your PW Vault password.

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