Why are my two separate Discover Account download as one account

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Hi, I added Discover Savings a few months ago to my Quicken Deluxe. One Step Updates have been downloading and syncing with no issues up till now. I opened a second Discover CD Savings account and now when I One Step Update my transactions for both accounts download to the Discover Savings.

In the past Quicken would "see" the new account and add it separately as per my ok.

Why is quicken downloading my transactions for two separate accounts (savings and CD) as one account to my savings. How do you correct this issue.

Thank You, Scott. scttwd@gmail.com


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    There are financial institutions in Quicken's FI list for Discover and Discovery. Did you really mean Discovery, or was that a typo?

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  • Scott5
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    Sorry about the confusion. I mean Discover Bank. I corrected my post.

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