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Created a new vendor account for our horse business supplier. Put in the payments, and the invoices were separated into the various catgories I wish to track such as shavings, grain, etc.

But I cannot find/get any report that shows me the amount spent on each category; all I get is a summary transfer to the vendor. I called the account a liability; possibly the wrong account identity? How would I get the vendor categories to show up in my P&L?


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    Normally in Quicken you only create accounts for financial accounts like a bank, credit card, or investing account. You can track payments to a particular vendor by customizing a spending report to include just that Payee.

    For example, to see a report that shows what you have bought from ABC Farm Supply by Category, you could run the Itemized Categories, Spending by Category, or Income and Expense by Category report. Click on the gear at the top right of the report to customize it, then on the Payees tab, select just ABC Farm Supply. Experiment with the reports to find one that has the format you want.

    For this to work well, it is important to use Payee names consistently. You want it to always be ABC Farm Supply, not sometimes ABC Supply. Quicken's Renaming Rules help to standardize Payee names for downloaded transactions.

    There may be a fancier way to do this in the Home & Business version of Quicken.

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    Thanks! I will try to get the reports the way you said.

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