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It would be very useful to be able to attach bank statements to reconciles and then be able to access them via ACCOUNTS »»» RECONCILE HISTORY . . .

I don't like to store statements (paper copies especially). Adding this feature would add convenience and make it easy to look up an old statement in the even there was some kind of error on the bank's side where you would need evidence to share with the bank to get the error corrected.

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    Great idea but in the interim I do this:

    Online statements from my banks are *.pdf files. I reconcile and then attach the *pdf file to the last reconciled entry (date) in Quicken accounts.

    Paper statements not available online I scan into the computer and save as a *.pdf file and attach as I do with online statements.

    NOTE: This way any pictures of cancelled checks shown on the starement are also available to see in the attached *pdf files.

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    I reconcile and then attach the *pdf file to the last reconciled entry (date) in Quicken accounts.

    Basically along the same lines, you could create a new transaction, date it the ending date of the statement, make the Amount $0.00, use a category called "Statements" or "Reconciliations", and in the Memo field, record whatever is pertinent to you about the reconciliation (statement balance, date reconciled, or whatever…or nothing, since the actual Reconciliation History is available).

    That said, I'll put for the opinion that it's preferable to keep your PDF statements external to Quicken. A few reasons…

    • Quicken Mac doesn't have any tools for searching for attachments
    • Quicken Mac has no tools for exporting attachments; you have to find each transaction open the attachment, and save it externally
    • Big PDF files can make the size of your Quicken Mac data file balloon, which increases launch time and backup time when quitting
    • And Number 1: should your data file ever become corrupted and need to be rebuilt by exporting transactions and importing them into a new file, your transactions will survive, but your attachments will be lost.
    • And Number 1A: should you ever wish to move to software other than Quicken, there is no way to export your saved attachments other than finding and exporting them one at a time.

    Instead, here's what I recommend… Create a folder in your Documents or Home folder for your PDF statements like this:

        Bank Statements
            XYZ Bank Checking
                   2023-09-30 Statement.pdf
                   2023-08-31 Statement.pdf
                   2023-07-31 Statement.pdf
                   2022-12-31 Statement.pdf
                   2022-11-30 Statement.pdf
                   2022-10-31 Statement.pdf
            ABC Visa Card
                   2023-09-30 Statement.pdf

    Alternatively, you could organize by year and month with statements from multiple financial institutions within the year.

    This approach makes it easy to find any statement at any time, completely independent of Quicken. The files would be backed up via Time Machine and/or whatever backup procedures you use. Your Quicken data file stays svelte, and although the statements aren't attached to a transaction or reconciliation, when you need to, you can find them to open with just a few clicks.

    Just a suggestion…

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    If you press Control+shift+A, the menu will appear to add attachments to the account at the register level. I use this to add bank statements as well as random notices. It was once an icon on the register but now you have to use quick keys unless I'm unaware of changing a setting.

  • acbailleyjr
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    This is how it should look.