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Errors in Historical Stock Pricing

rraisley Member ✭✭
edited November 12 in Investing (Windows)

On my system, the values downloaded as Historical Values are wrong on the weekends for these stocks: GOOG, NDAQ, TRRKX. This started July 27 and continues.

Also, during the month of January of this year, the same problem occurred 3 times sporadically in NVDA, SPY, AMD, XLK.

This also occurred some times last year. In each case, on weekends, the value of the stock changed, up or down, to a specific value, then back to correct on Monday. In my case (but not in some others that had reported this), the weekend values are always exactly the same. This creates havoc, as you can imagine.

This has been reported before on the forums, as late as last month, with others reporting similar issues, only to have the thread closed without a solution.

Here is the downloaded pricing for GOOG:

Here are graphs for NVDA and GOOG showing the result of this problem:

This showed up as a 64% increase in 1 day! I almost bought a new Mercedes! Only to have to sell it 2 days later! :-)

Google, OTOH, showed a decrease on weekends to the same value each weekend.

Isn't it about time this kind of thing is fixed??? I like a few of the new features over the years, and realize you have to justify the yearly buying of the product, but the same problems and sluggishness have been there for many years, and that's never fixed.


  • q_lurker
    q_lurker SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    My GOOG does not show those weekend prices. But I am only getting these prices from Quicken's Download Quotes function (a third party data supplier).

    Why it is showing hi/lo of 0.00 and low volume for yesterday is a different question that is being asked elsewhere.

    I can only speculate that the financial institution you are downloading from is somehow feeding bad info (for GOOG, specifically, for the others possibly). Have you had any other trouble with these particular securities?

  • rraisley
    rraisley Member ✭✭

    Thanks for responding. The downloads are all directly from Quicken. I have no idea where those downloads are from, but would expect them to be from the same place for all Quicken users. My investments are in Fidelity, and of course their site has all the correct values.

    I've had no problem with any of the securities, other than some with varying weekend quotes. Of course, the values stay the same when Downloading HIstorical Prices.

    I had wondered for quite some time about changes in stock values, sometimes very large, on weekends when the values normally do not change (much, at least, depending on the stock). I've seen a lot of errors in individual stock increases from day to day, too, where a stock may go down slightly in value, but Quicken says it went up. That doesn't cause me the problem the above does, though.

  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    @rraisley If you are running Premier, do you have the Real Time Quotes option enabled? That has caused problems for other users.

    The setting is at Edit > Preferences > Investing

    Also Quicken has multiple sources for quotes - their 3rd party quote provider, downloads from your brokerage, manual entry, and imported prices. Usually the prices that include High and Low came from the quote provider.

    QWin Premier subscription
  • rraisley
    rraisley Member ✭✭

    I don't have Real Time Quotes enabled, but Quicken seems to always be updated (although 20 minutes or so behind). Should it be enabled? What's the difference?

    As to where Quicken gets the stock values, it wouldn't be from my brokerage (Fidelity), as it's always the same no matter where it comes from, plus Fidelity always has the correct values; it's only the values imported by Quicken that are wrong. Since at any given time, a stock value should be a constant, I would think there would be a central location that Quicken would import from. But of course I have no idea how they actually do it. I do know that no matter how many times you manually update, it comes out the same, and for certain stocks only disagrees with actual values, over weekend days only.

    If others have had a problem with hi/lo and volume being wrong (0), that is certainly part of the problem. And this exact problem (with graphs even) has been reported multiple times over the last year or so. In all cases, others responded with the same type of error, and nothing was done except closing the topic. Why would a problem-evoking topic be closed without any resolution???

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