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Requesting New Feature - Automatically add recurring payments/deposits to ledger in advance

I would like to request that the next release of Quicken include the ability of scheduled payments & deposits to be recorded to the ledger based on a set end date. This would allow me to look at several months in advance. Currently and per below, that feature is not available.

** Note that transactions scheduled later than today are not entered in your register until the specified time. You can view the scheduled transactions for all accounts in the Scheduled Transaction List

Thank you!


  • Boatnmaniac
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    edited October 13

    QWin already allows you to set Bill, Income and Transfer Reminders so they are automatically entered into the appropriate account(s) register(s) just about any number of days prior to the Reminder due date that you might want. Edit the Reminder and set your auto enter preference below Optional Settings. See the following picture regarding this.:

    In addition, you can set your Reminders to show in your account registers for out as far as 12 months without actually having the Reminders entered into the registers. To do this:

    1. In each register that you want Reminders to be shown: Upper right Gear icon > Register Columns > make sure the box for Status is checked > Done. Your register will add this column on the left side. The column header will be a blue dot.
    2. In each register that you want Reminders to be shown: Upper right Clock icon (next to the Gear icon) > select the time period for which you want Reminders shown. If you do not see the Clock icon: Upper right Gear icon > Reminders to show in register > select the time period for which you want Reminders shown.

    Your Reminders should now be showing in your account register(s) and they will decrement or add to what is shown in the Balance column. A few notes:

    Reminders that are shown with future dates will be lightly shaded.

    In the Status column, there will be a words describing the status of the Reminder. Status is defined by the Reminder Due Date and how they are set up under Optional Settings:

    • Upcoming: A manual Reminder that is more of a FYI and does not need to be acted upon, yet.
    • Due: A manual Reminder that should be acted upon soon.
    • Overdue: A manual Reminder that should have been acted upon already but has not. This is a flag that urgent review/action might be needed.
    • Auto: No action needed. The Reminder is set up to be automatically entered at the planned date.
    • Uncleared: A manual or auto entered Reminder that has been entered into the register but has not yet posted.
    • Once a Reminder has been entered and has posted at the financial institution, the Status column will no longer have anything noted about it.

    Here is a picture that can give you an idea of how a register will look once everything is set up. Note how the Reminders affect the Balance column. I find this very helpful in budgeting/planning. (No, that is not my real bank account balance. This picture was taken from a test file with a lot of fictitious data in it.):

    Let me know if you have any questions about this.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

  • UKR
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    Have you looked at the Bills & Income tab's Projected Balances view?
    It shows all future Scheduled Reminders and their impact on your register balances. (This view may need to be customized to show the accounts you are interested in seeing)

    Alternatively, in each account register, you can enable the register view to show future scheduled reminders a certain number of days or months ahead "as if they were real register transactions already". To do so, select the time range from the little clock icon at the upper right of the register view

    Using this feature, there is no need to post scheduled reminders to your register several instances ahead of time, cluttering up your register in the process.

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