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I am having exactly the same issue as an older, closed discussion from a couple of years ago by Michael Spiegelman

Using Quicken 7.3.2 on MacOS 12.8.

I have investment accounts (Brokerage type). I manually enter a Dividend or Capital Gains transaction. I type in the amount, hit tab, then type in the number of shares. Then hit "enter" to save the transaction. The number of shares is erroneously recorded as "0" (at least the amount is correct though).

I reopen the transaction, type in the number of shares again (swearing to myself) and hit "enter". Now the number of shares is recorded correctly.

I think this has been happening for me for the last 5 or so versions of Quicken. It does not always happen, but it quite common. It happens in all of my investment accounts!

Needless to say, this is not a great experience.


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    Yes, I recall the previous discussion thread about this. I don't think I've ever experienced it myself entering my investment transactions, and so I have no idea what conditions cause the problem you've described.

    If it happens often enough that you can make it happen within a few tries, then I'd recommend calling Quicken Support, asking them to screen share with you, and have them witness the 0 shares entry followed by the correction to the entry. If you're lucky enough to have a good Support representative, after showing this to them once or more times, they should be able to document it and escalate it as a bug to the development team. (Unfortunately, some Support representatives won't make the effort and will try to dismiss it, so you have to go into this determined to be persistent, even if you need to call a second time to get a different Support representative.) If they d escalate it, you likely won't hear any more from Quicken, but with luck, someone on the development team will look into it before too long, and hopefully find the problem and create fix for it.

    You could also document this in the Quicken program through Help > Report a Problem, but I don't believe that will be successful. Those reports go to someone who tests to verify the reported problem. Since we know this doesn't affect everyone, and those affected only have is some of the time, the odds are the Quicken triage person will try it once, not see it, and discard the bug report.

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