30% of my spending is in the "Other" category when I view the graph . How can I change that ?

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%30 of my spending is in the "other" category when I view spending in graph form. How can I have that category broken down in the graph?



  • Chris_QPW
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    You can't. Quicken decides what to show in that graph based on the percentage and when the percentage is below "some threshold" the rest go into Other. You can click on Other for it to zoom in and those categories to get more details.

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    Or in other words, the doughnut or pie graph has a fixed maximum number of categories it can show, typically about 10. If you have more categories than that maximum, everything else is lump-summed into "Other"

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    yeah - just looked at my … Reports —> Spending —> Spending by Category -
    and my top entries are for Taxes (ES1040) and for some cash transfers -
    and the rest are in single digit percentages - about 10 entries - from 7% down to 2% -
    followed at the bottom by "Other" which is 27% and on another screen…. and starts at less than 2% for each entry

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