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I have been using Quicken for Windows subscription version (Quicken Classic Deluxe) for many years. I am considering converting my computer to Mac (Mac mini M2). Is there a way to transfer quicken files from my laptop PC to a MAC? Is this available from Quicken or on the web? Any information would be appreciated.



  • jacobs
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    Quicken Mac will import a Quicken Windows data file and generate a Quicken Mac data file. It's not practical to move back and forth — the data files are very different — but a one-way transfer from Windows to Mac is certainly possible. Understand that Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows are, well, close cousins rather than identical twins; they do a lot of the same things, but there are differences large and small.

    If you duo a simple search on this site, and on the site, you will find a wealth of information about moving from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac. You can start here:

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