Check Pay posting date vs Cleared vs Reconcile


How can i adjust the date of a "Check Pay" check in my register only - knowing that the check will not clear until XX date. I do NOT want to cancel and resend the Check Pay check, only reflect a different date in the register. When I try to do this, it just says "you must cancel the check".


  • crwalejr
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    I haven't tried it, but I think if you wait until the check clears, you can change it to whatever date you want.

  • HMS22
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    That doesnt help. The goal is to reflect the date i expect the check to be cashed, not 8 days before like in most cases.

  • Chris_QPW
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    I think you have answered your own question you can't. You are subject to how the designers of the feature thought it should work. You might create an idea (go to Home page New Post → New Idea) to see enough people want and if they can make it possible.

    In truth though, it sounds like it is doing what most would think is the proper procedure. If you were to write a check and put in the mail you might know that it is impossible for it to be cashed for at least a day, so you might be tempted to put the date down as tomorrow instead of today. But the proper practice is to consider that amount gone from your account so that you don't overdraft the account. The same is true here they are issuing a physical check and no matter what is the "norm" it is always possible to it to get cashed at a different date.

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