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I know there are a lot of Fidelity discussions but have not seen this particular issue. I have had a Fidelity 401k for 17 years and a 457b for quite a few as well. The 457b has an option to download transactions and that goes right to Quicken. The 401k does not. At one time I called Fidelity and they said my company did not pay for the service to download. Instead I have always manually entered the information (never exactly been able to figure out how to interpret some of the transactions.

I decided to try a download from Quicken today. When I enter my Fidelity username and password, it only finds the 457b. Not the 401k.

I am guessing this is more likely an issue on the Fidelity end but am trying here as well. Thanks


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    I'm not sure if I'm following you correctly, it seems like you are saying nothing has changed. Fidelity is certainly going to be the one that control whether the account downloads or not. And like they said, they provide services based on what the company that has your 401K is willing to pay for.

    In the case of my wife's 401K account at Merril Lynch that amounts to only Web Connect. Years ago, when I had 401K accounts none of them provided either Web Connect or Direct Connect.

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