Multi monitor popups on wrong monitor

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I have Quicken on my monitor-2 but the popups show up on monitor-1. They are so small as to be unuseable. I've tried full screen and minimized. Some issue. Popups always show on monitor-1. If I use Quicken on monitor-1, not preferred as it is my small laptop monitor, the popups open a reasonable useable size. Help. This is a BIG flaw. Hopefully a setting somewhere I can't find.


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    Try reconfiguring your monitor setup so that your laptop screen is disabled and Monitor-2 becomes Monitor-1.

    On my system, pressing the Win-key plus P starts the "Project to a connected screen" dialog.

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    This flaw in Quicken has been mentioned several times. As of now they have not fixed it. The basic problem is that instead of using a dialog that pops up the dialog in relationship to Quicken window they are using the "system" ones that will popup to what Windows considers the main display.

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