I have started to dread using Quicken

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After about thirty years of excellent service, I now dread sitting down at Quicken (Windows) to update my accounts. I have wasted so much time trying to get these updates to work, resets, praying, etc. The worst offenders are Webster Bank, Paypal, PenFed and Comenity Bank (AAA). Seven other CC accounts usually work.

All of these fail almost every time. Except for the rare occasion when they work properly. Often there is no notification that they failed. Sometimes you get error messages. Sometimes not. Often I just give up and enter manually. That is not what I paid for with Quicken. The whole and sole reason I surrendered to the subscription model was because they turned off account updates.

It gets old. Very old.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Taking a quick look at your list of financial institutions that aren't reliable I'm not surprised to see that they are all using Express Web Connect. By its nature it isn't very reliable.

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