Can I hide categories in next year's budget without losing data from this year and years prior?

mikn67 Member ✭✭

As I look forward to and prepare for 2024 I see several categories that I either, no longer use, or have consolidated into different categories. It seems when I uncheck them from the categories I want to track dialogue the change is applied across all my budgets from years past. How do I clean up my 2024 budget without harming 2023 and earlier?


  • RichardCSchreyer
    RichardCSchreyer Member ✭✭✭✭

    Assuming you have created next years budget by extending 2023 budget using the right arrow

    You then can rassign which categories you want displayed for that specific years budget

  • Chris_QPW
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    Have you actually pushed the budget into 2024 before you made the category changes?

    Going through the years of my budgets the years the categories for any given year don't affect the other years, let alone affect another budget.

    For instance:



    This is my website:
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