Citibank told me today that they don't support FireFox!!!

Phil Burton
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I was on the phone with a tech support supervisor about a different issue, when I mentioned that I use Firefox.

The supervisor said that they test the website only with EDGE, Chrome, and Safari, but not Firefox. In fact, I have been using Firefox successfully for many years now with Citibank. (The one-step update is a separate issue.) I said something about being very unhappy with this policy. That comment was ignored, but then the supervisor thanked me for being a Citibank customer for 35 years. Oh, the cognitive dissonance. 🤔

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  • UKR
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    I don't know what pipe that supervisor was smoking, but I just accessed the Citi website using my Firefox browser at the latest available release level and it worked OK. Other than being a little slow to load, there were no problems loading and viewing the webpages.

    Just grin and ignore that supervisor's comment. They say what their managers tell them to say, and that may not always hold water.

  • Phil Burton
    Phil Burton Member, Windows Beta Beta

    I've been a Citibank customer for many years now, probably out of inershia. Sometimes I have been really pissed at their quaint notion of "customer service." However, I have also had an account with Bank of America. Terrible customer service, and I don't like their website much.

    Been using Quicken (and TurboTax) since DOS days in 1990s. Now using Quicken subscription on Windows.

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    @UKR there is a big difference between "supported/tested with" than "incompatible". There are many browsers out there, and as such a company decides on which they are going to official support, it is as simple as that. This is nothing new. Basically, though it does mean that if you find a problem with their website that doesn't happen on the supported web browsers then they will probably just tell you to use a supported one if you bring up the problem to them.

    These days I use Microsoft Edge and haven't had any real problems with it anywhere. But in the past, I purposely had multiple browsers on my machine for the simple fact that is one was acting strange at a given site I would try the others to see if it was in fact the browser. It has gotten a lot better, but in the past websites had to be codes with statements like "If IE…" "If Firefox…", because of certain things they would do differently.

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