I want to see a line graph of the total value of my investment portfolio over time

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I am looking for a simple line chart that will show the value of my portfolio in my investment account(s) that is charted over time.

Y axis is portfolio value, x axis is time. Why can I not easily find this? It seems the only report related to portfolio value I can look at is a donut chart that shows what security owns the percentage of my portfolio. Am I stupid? It is okay to say yes I am lol. Seems so silly that I can't click "show value over time" and i can track it.

Can anyone help with this? Thank you!

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    Investing tab and then performance tab should show you what you want

  • Jim_Harman
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    You are not stupid.

    You could go to Reports > Net Worth & Balances > Net Worth.

    Set the date range and interval you want. There is a max of 250 or so columns, so if your date range is 20 years or more, set the interval to Quarter or longer. Click on the Show/Hide buttons at the top right to show the report, graph, or both.

    Click on the gear at the top right to customize. On the Accounts tab, pick the ones you want to include, or to quickly show just the Investing accounts, click on Clear all, Investing, then Select all.

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