Planning Budget get messes up when using Cloud Sync for Mobile/Web App

It seems my budget went back to 2022 numbers and messed up all my budget for this year when I turned on cloud sync so that I can view them on the web and mobile app. I tried this last year and is surprising that this hasn't been solved yet.

So now I have to go and fix this and disable the sync and not bother using the mobile and web app since they break numbers that I need to view to track throughout the year.

Is this ever going to get fixed?


  • I have the same issue. My wife has to use the web portal/mobile app to categorize her expenses, so if I turn off web sync, she has to sit at my computer to do it. Quicken was a much better product when Intuit owned them instead of some VC firm looking to take profits and minimize development expenses. I wish there was an alternative to Quicken but there doesn't seem to be anything out there.

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    I think you are wrong in these assumptions.

    First off sync to Mobile/Web came out in Quicken 2015 while Intuit owned Quicken. I was in the beta for it at the time and we were waiting for a release so that we could test it. They kept saying that the server wasn't ready. Bottom line is that they got to their release date for that year and released without it ever being beta tested. For anyone foolish enough to turn on Sync to Mobile/Web it corrupted their data file. They worked on it for the next few months and slowly less and less people reported the problem. Some of that was what they fixed, some of it was once burnt people stopped using it. But even by the time they stopped working of it for that year, and started development for the next year it was down to "a few people" having their data file corrupted. Over the years it there have been periods where it is worse and periods it is better, but never totally no complaints about corrupting data files.

    So, the assumption that Intuit did this better in this area, is just wrong.

    As for the investing in Quicken to take profits and minimize development. At the end Quicken was a drop in the bucket profit wise to Intuit, they didn't even state its numbers directly on their accounting statements. It was very clear that it was more a pain in their upper management's side than anything else. They sold it for a reason, and they weren't into expanding its development at all.

    On the other hand, the first thing the first VC firm did is double the development group for Quicken Mac and expand the customer support. I can't say that I see much expansion in the Windows group, but I also don't see a reduction in it either.

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  • Thank you for your reply. Sounds like this is an unsolvable problem. Maybe time for a code refresh and leave behind all this technical debt. After having been a Quicken customer since 90's, I'm about ready to leave it for something like CountAbout, which looks like it will do the things I need an app to do - track expenses and budgets.

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