Dividend reinvestment

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Hi. I use Quicken Deluxe for Mac (7.3.2).
The software downloads my investment transactions directly from Schwab. I have many of my stock holdings set up in Schwab for dividend reinvestment. I have realized that some reinvestment transactions will appear as a “Reinvest Dividends” type transaction while some other reinvestment transactions will appear as a “Dividend ” type transaction and another “Buy” type transaction. I know that from a transactional point of view the final result is the same in Quicken but was wandering why these identical transactions are handled differently by Quicken. Thank you.


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    They're handled differently by Q because they're CREATED differently by Schwab.

    The Div and Buy combination usually occurs when there are multiple Income transactions for the same fund, Say a Div and a Cap Gain, and then a single Buy to cover the cash from the 2

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