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I have to join the above discussion even though it has been closed by support. A customer service representative walked me through the solution given by Kristina. Basically just deleting and re-adding the bills. This month again, same problem. (bills not updating) Also discussed with customer service the fact that my husband's retirement accounts at Fidelity get doubled when downloaded, requiring a manual fix/logging onto the account to verify the real balance. The Fidelity problem has been around literally for years and now that Quicken is partnering with Fidelity still not fixed! With each version there are more awkward bugs. The online bills used to work.


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    Please consider this alternative to Bill Manager. Many banks and billers, in an attempt to secure their computer systems from hackers, no longer support third-party data aggregators like Quicken, Intuit, etc.

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    Well, I can say is that I gave up on this before it even became "Quicken Bill Manager", and even a "retry" to see what the status was because someone asked, the result was still "fail".

    Bill presentment was first introduced in Quicken 2015, and from day one, it was "works fine with some", "works sometimes with some" (sometime requiring "Reset/remove/add…"), and some never worked.

    I tried using this for many years and never got to the point where it was worth more than the trouble it caused. I went back to standard reminders. As it said above a few weeks ago, and my evaluation is that it hasn't changed in all these years.

    There are definitely bugs in the Quicken code, but even more fundamental, the whole system is setup to fail. The third-party service that Quicken is using for this is trying to log into nonstandard and possibly changing "biller" websites and get the information. There is no way that can ever be reliable.

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