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My brokerage firm sent me 100's of garbage transactions. I'd like to delete them from the Downloads window. I could use the "Accept them and then bulk delete them from the register" approach, but each transaction requires opening the "confirm how you'd like to treat the transaction" and then "Lot identification/Average Cost" wizard windows. Sooo, I can't accept all, I have to accept each individually.

Is there any way to select multiple transactions within the Downloads window, and then delete them?

And yes, I see that others have complained previously about this feature not being there, but thought I'd check.


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    No, in investment accounts there isn't any multiple delete from the Downloaded Tab (there is in non-investment accounts).

    You might be able to use the Lot assignment preference to get past this problem of it prompting you:

    Another possibility is to temporary switch to automatically enter the transactions into the register instead of going through the Downloaded Transactions tab.

    Note once the transactions are in the register you can select the gear icon in the register and Edit Multiple Transactions. From there you can select multiple transactions and delete them.

    This is my website:
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    Wooo-hooo! That worked! (changing "Lot assignment" to "automatically assign" for that account)

    Thanks so much; saved me hours of drudgery.

    Much appreciated.

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