Closed Account: Negative security balance - no holdings

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Trying to resolve an annoying negative balance on an account that has been closed for 5 years. Was zeroed out. Something has changed. Selected for hidden transactions. No placeholders available. No holdings showing from the day after account was closed and zeroed out. No additional transactions. have repaired this file previously, but no other issues are visible.

Would welcome all ideas on how to fix this without creating multiple other issues.


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    Try changing your last SALE transaction, for all holdings, to a "Sell All" without changing the total dollar amount of the sale.

    You might have a teensy tiny fractional share that's causing this issue.

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  • nebclyde
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    I did that for the 5 mutual funds that were held. Would you believe that I end up with a LARGER!!! (positive) securities balance than previous. Not sure how I can sell off additional shares when there's none showing to begin with.


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