Why are Schwab account balances WAY off?

I just added two Schwab accounts and both balances are way off. It only downloaded transaction back to August. How can I get more transactions? How can I fix the balance issue? Thanks for your help.

Using Windows 11 and Quicken Release R52.33 October 2023.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    Please add some details here.

    Did these accounts previously exist at some other Financial Institution (FI) and you moved them to Schwab? If so, were these accounts also Accounts in your Quicken file, or are they accounts that existed at the FI that you're just now getting around to creating in Quicken?

    A typical "window" for historical transactions that can be downloaded when you establish a new Account in Quicken is on the order of 90 days - which puts the earliest available downloadable transactions in August. With only a small subset of transactions in the Quicken file for an account at an FI that has a much longer history simply can't successfully get "today's" positions properly stated. One way or another you need to back fill that missing detail. That could be be getting those transactions in the Quicken Accounts you just created, or by accepting Placeholders.