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Why does Schwab data download incorrectly?

I clicked on Quicken Schwab link. Went to S website, down loaded two investment accounts and matched a few securities. When account created in Quicken, most security costs were missing.

Is this a problem with Quicken or Scwab?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    Please re-write this to make it clearer what your problem is and what you are doing.

    "I clicked on Quicken Schwab link."

    Offhand have no idea what you're referring to here. Where are you in the program and what are you trying to do when you click on the "Quicken Schwab link", whatever that is? Are you attempting to add a new Account to Quicken via Tools > Add Account, entering "Schwab" in the Search box and then clicking on the "Charles Schwab & Co., Inc." listing, or are you somewhere else in the program and doing something else?

    "Went to S website"

    Are you referring to the Quicken program taking you to Schwab, are you telling us that you opened a browser, went to "www.Schwab" and logged in, or something else?

    "down loaded two investment accounts"

    Again, is this a process where you Added/LInked some Schwab Accounts to your Quicken file, or are you in your browser, at the Schwab site, using "Web Connect" to download files to your computer?

    "When account created in Quicken, most security costs were missing."

    By any chance are you attempting to get accounts at TD Ameritrade moved to Schwab? If so, there have been complaints that cost basis information wasn't being downloaded into the new Quicken Schwab Accounts. (If this is what you're facing then using the words "TD Ameritrade" in the post would be most helpful.) There's a FAQ about this transitions here:

    I had two TD Ameritrade accounts that got moved to Schwab. I used the method of LINKING the existing Quicken TD Ameritrade Accounts to Schwab and that worked perfectly.