"Add - Shares Added" transaction with $0 cost shows up on Cash Flow report with $$$

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I entered a manual "Add - Shares Added" transaction to adjust the share balance for my investment account, with $0 cost (screenshot 1). However, this ends up being a -$3447.34 "Uncategorized" transaction in my Cash Flow report (screenshot 2). I don't understand where the -$3447.34 comes from?

I have another manual "Add - Shares Added" transaction for another security (screenshot 3), and this one doesn't show up on the Cash Flow report, as expected.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:


  • Tom Young
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    Well clearly that first transaction shouldn't be reported out this way so the first thing I'd try here is deleting the transaction and entering it again. If that doesn't work then try {Ctrl}-z in that Account to force a recalculation If that doesn't work then I might try deleting that transaction again and maybe the transaction that proceeds it in the Transaction List, and re-enter both transactions. (Sometimes the problem isn't the transaction itself, it's really some earlier transaction.)

    If all that doesn't fix things then I'd step up to a full Validate & Repair with a recalculation of investment lots.

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