I was working with a bank account register when several of my transactions went missing.

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If I search for them based on my online banking, they show up in the register—but only in search mode. I had perhaps ten transactions go wonky on a credit card register two weeks ago, but years of transactions are missing from my bank account register. I've validated accounts a couple of times but there's nothing screwy showing in the logs.



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    Have you tried clicking on the Date column header?

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    Are you sure that there is no filter set at the top of the register?

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @DMVantastic

    It sounds like you may have inadvertently set one or more filters for this one register. This may have happened when you were searching for a certain transaction, or also may have happened inadvertently.

    To fix it, you just need to click on the little "Down Arrow" that is located at the top of the register just left of the word "Filters". Click it twice and then review the register to see if the "missing transactions" can now be seen.

    Get back to us with any followups.


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  • DMVantastic
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    When I opened Quicken a few minutes ago, every transactiion was listed in the register. Ghost in the machine? Thanks for your suggestions everyone.

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