Marcus and Venmo getting confused with each other (Round 2)

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Reposting as I missed the moderator's question and then the discussion got closed:


INITIAL PROBLEM: I had Marcus by Goldman Sachs accounts connected to Quicken, and downloading went fine. I recently added Venmo. Ever since I added Venmo, Quicken asks for a Marcus code but what I've been texted (only) is Venmo. I unchecked Venmo for downloading, and I'm STILL getting texted from Venmo but what's on the screen is "enter the number Marcus sent you." I just now tried updating ONLY Marcus and got a code from Venmo. And nothing from Marcus. This isn't good. Whose problem is this - Quicken's, Marcus', or Venmo's?

CURRENT PROBLEM: I had called Marcus and they said they are no longer supporting Quicken. After a while, I turned Venmo downloading back on and it worked fine (keeping Marcus downloading off the whole time). Just now, it asked for a Venmo code, I selected my phone number, and I got a code from Marcus by Goldman Sachs. I risked putting that code in (for Venmo) and it seems to have accepted it - no errors. I Googled if Marcus is actually the bank behind Venmo but didn't see any reports of that.

Jasmine asked me some questions (copied below). Marcus is (still) set up for Express Web Connect though I plan to deactivate it … the representative I spoke with was quite convinced they weren't doing Quicken downloads anymore. Venmo is also set up for Express Web Connect.

When I first reported this, the problem had been happening for months, and not after a recent update (as far as I recall). My Quicken is up to date. I'm not receiving any error codes or messages. The Venmo download just now was marked as complete - using Marcus' code (!!).

Thanks for any help! Meanwhile I'll see if deactivating Marcus improves things. I had it unchecked for updates, though, so Quicken wasn't attempting it.


  • Hello @debbieacog,Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community, though I apologize that you are experiencing this issue.Before I can further assist you, I require some more information. What is your connection method with Marcus and Venmo? You can see the connection methods by navigating to Tools > Account List. How long has this issue been occurring? After a recent update? Are you receiving any error codes or messages?I look forward to your response.-Quicken Jasmine


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