When Quicken tries to open I get a notice that Quicken unexpectedly quit the last time it ran


The popup comes up after the Red Quicken screen that says what type of probram I have. I can't get beyoned it. It is titled (grayed out) Quicken Crahs Report. It says to send in an error report, which I have done multiple times and after which it disappears. The e-mail box is optional and I have not supplied one, being concerned that the popup is a scam to get the address. It asks me to describe the steps I was doing before the crash happened. But no crash happened when I was using Quicken — just one day I tried to turn Quicken on and got this pipup. There is also a button saying "Report Details" which talks about files — I don't know enough about computers to know what it is about so have done nothing with it. The popup says "to help the Quicken team resolve the issue by profiding the details below. We may need to contact you for additional information." The popup is just black text — no Quicken logo etc. So again, I am concerned about a scam.

After I send my error notices, nothing happens. No one contacts me and the problem does not get fixed. This problem is 4 or more weeks old.

Is this the One Drive sync problem that is ongoing. Or something else? What do I do to get at and use my Quicken?


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    Is your Q Data file stored on OneDrive? That could well be the source of your problem … and also possibly the source of your now corrupted Q data file.

    I'd suggest that you Restore from a backup, and SAVE the restored file to your C drive … where it's supposed to be.

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