I bought this specifically to create a budget. Now I am finding I have to use my EXCEL workbook to create the very budget that is due YESTERDAY. Is it possible to get a refund. I have been up for nearly 4 nights straight trying to figure this out along with the CLEVER system. I am not techy at all and I at this point want to throw all my devices off of a high rise building!!! I am so disappointed. I can't get my time back and it looks like I won't have a budget either. Why is their no budgeting tool in the Quicken Classic for Windows??????


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    This is how you get a refund.


    But there is a budget tool in Quicken Classic. It may or may not be the kind of budget tool you are looking for though.

    To create a budget go to the Planning tab → Budgets. I believe when you have no budgets it will ask you start one from there, but you can also select Budget Actions → Create new budget

    If you have the Starter edition then the display is limited to the "Graph View" which is just one month displayed at a time. With the Deluxe edition and above it there is also an annual view that is basically a spreadsheet kind of view.

    Quicken's budgets are "category based". You budget given category spending in each month.

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