I have an account that is erroneous in my Net Worth statement Quicken for Mac latest ver.

the screen shot above shows an value of $0.00 as of 11/17/2023. I closed the account many moons ago.

same date Net Worth report. See the amount of the same account is $386850.62. How do I fix this? TIA



  • UKR
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    Take the money and run!
    Sorry, just kidding.

    You may have a $0.00 cash balance in the account, but did you properly sell or transfer all shares when you rolled over the assets to a new IRA account?
    Please review your holdings and the transactions prior to closing date.
    Depending on how this was handled, there should be transactions in the old account to Remove Shares or Sell Shares, matched to transactions in the new account to Add or Buy Shares

  • jacobs
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    @UKR But the screenshot shows that in the account, the market value is $0, while in the Net Worth report, it is not. That zero you see at the top is not a cash balance in the account, it is the market value.

    @tmetaksa Some additional questions…

    • In your left sidebar, under Investing > Retirement, does the GM IRA account show up at all, or is it not there?
    • In your register for the GM IRA, click on Portfolio. Does it show any securities and market value below the graph?
    • You said you closed the account a long time ago. I'm assuming that's in the Real World, but what about Quicken? When you go to Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts, what does it show about this account? Is it italicized, and showing a "Reopen" button on the right, which would indicate the account is currently closed. Or is it a regular open account currently? And are the checkboxes for either Hide in Lists or Keep Separate checked?
    • Your register screenshot is as of 11/17/23, while the net worth report is as of 11/19/23. Were there any transactions on the 18th or 19th. (Long shot, I know but I have to ask. 😉)
    • If you go to Reports > Net Worth and select the basic Net Worth report, is is the same as the one you showed which was generated from EasyAnswer?

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    Hi @UKR

    Thanks for taking the time to help me figure this out. I believed I had closed this account out in 2020 by transferring all its assets to a different account.

    According to the closed account that is what it should read. But when I do Reports > Net Worth I get the first report that I uploaded here on November 19. As I am 85 years old, I want the Quicken Net Worth to be accurate for the person who will figure out my Net Worth when I die. Any suggestions?

  • Jon
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    If you click on the erroneous number in the Net Worth report, you'll get a list of the transactions Quicken used to calculate it. It might be a lot to go through, but on the other hand with the value being off by so much the source of the discrepancy might be easy to find.

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