Problems with update, corrupted file and lost data

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I am a long time user on Mac, after last update my file was corrupted, lost data, etc. i spent two weeks rebuilding all data. just about finished and it just crashed on me again!!!

I am beyond pissed!!,



  • jacobs
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    There are no widespread reports of file corruption issues with Quicken Mac, so I'd suspect it's either something in your local computer environment or a unique problem with your data file.

    In Quicken Mac, even if the program crashes — which doesn't, or shouldn't, happen often — it should not corrupt your existing data. The SQL database Quicken uses has safeguards to prevent incomplete transactions or changes.

    Also, if you do have a problem, in almost all cases you should be able to go back to a backup file from (a) just before the crash/problem, (b) a few days ago. I'm curious why you spent two weeks rebuilding data rather than stepping back in time a day or two to restore from a backup.

    My first thought is whether you have your data file stored on any cloud storage service, such as iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Apple makes it easy to have your Desktop and Documents folders and all their contents stored on iCloud rather than your actual local Mac, and this is a no-no for Quicken. What is the exact location of your data file?

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    Well, it did corrupt data…. I did go to a back up file, but still had to rebuild.

    After I completed the rebuild, it crashed again! I have been too dispirited to look at it since.

    The file may be in the cloud. I will check in the am.

    This has been a terrible experience! And I have been using Quicken for many many years.