Can't reconcile unless I have less than a years worth of transactions


This issue seems to be getting worse and worse. First, I couldn't keep more than 2 years worth of transactions without losing functionality. Now, I have had to remove transactions older than July 1, 2023, (It's now November 2023) otherwise, I can't auto-reconcile my accounts.

At some point, I will need to find a replacement product as I can't continue to shorten my transaction history while paying an annual subscription price.


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    That's a new one to me. I have several years of transaction history in my account registers, dating back to about 2015.
    All my account registers are reconciled manually, based on the monthly paper statement. They are, and have been, reconciling correctly ever since I created each account.

    Please explain in more detail what you are doing and how frequently you are reconciling your account registers.
    Are you reconciling using Quicken for Windows or are you attempting to reconcile account registers using their cloud copy and either Quicken on the Web or Quicken Mobile for smartphone?

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    @Nathan Fournier Please elaborate upon what you mean by "auto-reconcile".

    Are you reconciling to the online balance? Or to a paper statement (which is advised)?

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